Marina's humble beginnings stemmed from producing high quality Tempura Chicken Nuggets, Nuggets with Vegetables.

Today, Marina's products include a great range of Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Sausages, Fish Nuggets, Meat Balls, Beef "Salisbury Steak" Burgers, Chicken Fries, Chicken Burger and The Square Burger - specifically designed for making sandwiches using traditional bread loaf.
We take pride in producing delicious, convenient food with selected ingredients, turning treats into a delectable experience.

The Chicken Nuggets are made from lean chicken breast meat coated with tempura flour to capture the succulent flavours of quality chicken. The Beef Balls and Beef Burgers are made from imported Australian beef.
Marina Tempura Chicken Nuggets
Marina Tempura Chicken Nuggets with Vege
Marina Tempura Chicken Nuggets with Sausage Chunks
Marina Tempura Chicken Nuggets with Cheddar Cheese
Marina Breaded Chicken Nuggets
Marina Breaded Chicken Nuggets Black Pepper
Marina Breaded Chicken Nuggets BBQ
Marina Fish Nuggets
Marina Fish Nuggets with Seaweed
Marina Chicken Sausage Original
Marina Chicken Sausage with Cheese
Marina Chicken Sausage with Chilli Flakes
Marina Chicken Fries
Marina Chicken Fries with Black Pepper
Marina "The Square Burger" (Chicken)
Marina Premium Chicken Burger (Round)
Marina Beef Steak Burger
Marina Meat Balls
Marina Sardines In Tomato Sauce
Marina Tuna Mayonnaise
Marina Tuna Mayonnaise Spread
Marina Tuna Curry
Marina Tuna Chilli
Marina Tuna Chunks In Brine
Marina Tuna Flakes In Brine
Marina Tuna Chunks in Vegetable Oil
Marina Tuna Flakes In Vegetable Oil
Marina Tuna with Black Pepper & Lemon
Marina Italian Pasta Sauce with Tuna
Marina Cabonara Pasta Sauce with Tuna
Marina Shoyu Pasta Sauce with Tuna
Marina Processed Peas
Marina Baked Beans